How do I Synchronize Fields with Project Publisher?

This article explains how to synchronize custom MS Project fields to your project in EPM Live. The Synchronize Fields feature enables you to synchronize a new custom field to your Microsoft Project schedule without having to publish the entire schedule. You can do this by using the Synchronize Fields feature in Project Publisher.

1.  Open the Publisher Menu

2.  Select Project Options

3.  Select Synchronize Fields

Project Publisher will process the request and will synchronize any custom fields to/from your EPM Live site and the Microsoft Project schedule without publishing the entire schedule.

  • For custom Task Center fields, be sure to first populate the field values in your project plan.
  • For custom Project Center fields, your custom field will show in the Project Information window during your next publish. If you’ve hidden the Project Information window during publish, manually open the Project Information window from the Publisher menu Project Options menu.



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