How do I set and clear a baseline in the Project Planner?

A baseline in a project is a minimum or starting point used for comparisons. Saving and setting a baseline can help determine how your project is doing compared to your original plan as it is a snapshot of your original schedule before your project gets starts. One baseline can be set in the Project Planner and this baseline can be cleared and a new baseline set if desired. This article covers setting and clearing a baseline in the Project Planner.

1. Launch the Online Planner

  1. Select the desired project item.
  2. Click Edit Plan.

2. Display the Gantt Chart

Display the Gantt Chart
  1. Click the Views tab.
  2. Click Show Gantt.

2.1. View the Gantt Chart

  • View the Gantt Chart and the red task bars.

Note: No baseline has been set.

3. Click Set Baseline

  1. Click the Project tab.
  2. Click Set Baseline.

3.1. View the Set Baseline

  • View the set baseline in the Gantt Chart. The grey bars represent the baseline under the tasks will remain in place even if the project gets pushed out.

3.2. View a Baseline with a Change in the Schedule

  • View the change in the duration field highlighted in blue.
  • View the baseline in the Gantt Chart.

4. Clear the Baseline

  1. At times it may be necessary to clear an existing baseline. To clear a baseline, click the Project tab.
  2. Click the Clear Baseline option.

4.1. Click OK

  • Click OK. If desired, a new baseline can now be set.



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