How do I save a view in the Resource Pool?

After adding and arranging columns in a view, it is possible to save this view for future reference. The benefit of saving the view is that you can quickly display the data in your saved view when needed. This article covers grouping data and adding a column to a view and then saving the view in the Resource Center.

1. Click the Manage Grouping Button

  • Click the Manage Grouping button.

1.1. Click Add Grouping

  • Click Add Grouping.

1.2. Select Grouping Option

  • Select grouping option.

1.3. Click Apply

  • Click Apply.

2. Select Columns

  1. Click the Select Columns button on the View Toolbar.
  2. Check the boxes to the left of the columns to be included in the view.
  3. Click Apply.

2.1. View the Modified View

  • View the modified view.

3. Save the View

  1. Click the View box.
  2. Click Save View.

3.1. Name the View

  1. Add the title of the view.
  2. Un-check the Default View box if you do not want this to be your default view.
  3. Click OK.

Note:  The Personal View box remains checked as any view created by an end user (not site collection administrator) will remain a Personal View.

3.2. View the Saved View

  • View the saved view.

Note: This view can be renamed or deleted from this menu.



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