How do I save a template in the Project Planner?

It is possible to create a task schedule and / or outline and then save it as a template in the Project Planner. The saved templates are global and thus will be viewable by all who can access the Project Planner. This lesson covers saving a template in the Project Planner.

1. Launch the Project  Planner

  1. Select the project in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Plan on the ribbon.

2. Select the Project Planner

  • Select the Project Planner box.

3. Click Save  

  • Once the Project Planner is displayed, click the Save button. This will enable the template feature.

4. Build the Schedule

  • Build the task list and add additional information to be used in future schedules. This will be the information used in the template.

5. Click Save as a Template

Click Save as a Template
  • Click “Save as a Template” located on the ribbon under the Project tab.

6. Enter the Title

  1. Enter the title.
  2. Add a description of template.

7. Click OK

  • Click OK.

8. Click OK

  • Click OK.

Note: After saving a template, the next time you launch the Project Planner, you will be prompted to select a blank template or the one you just created.This template will become a global template.



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