How do I replace a generic resource with a named resource?

A named resource will be added to the resource plan below. This named resource will replace a generic resource name. This lesson covers replacing a generic resource with a named resource in the existing plan requirement within the Resource Planner.

1. Select the Named Resource

  1. Click the Role in the top grid.
  2. Click the Match button.
  3. Select the named resource form the match results list in the bottom of the split screen.

2. Click Add

  • Click the Add button.

3. Select the Replace Option

  • Select the Replace option.


  • “Fulfill” allows you to assign one or more Named Resources to a Generic Resource commitment. Using “Fulfill” will add the Named Resource(s) below the Generic Resource.
  • “Replace” will actually replace the resource (Named or Generic) with the new resource (Named or Generic).

3.1. Add Resource with Different Role

Each resource is added to the system with one primary role.  If a resource is added to a Resource Plan directly they will maintain their primary role on that project. From a cost perspective, the rate would follow the primary role rate.  However, the Project Manager may add a generic role into their Resource Plan, than they can add a different resource with a different role to fulfill that requirement, as long as they are from the same department. In the above example,  Bella has a primary role of Developer but is added to  the Resource Plan as a Tester. Bella will take on the role of Tester for this project. From a cost perspective, the rate would follow the role, thus my Resource Plan cost would follow the rate of Tester in this scenario.

4. Click Save

  1. View the replaced generic resource with the named resource.
  2. Click Save.

5. Click the Appropriate Button

  • Click the appropriate button.

6. View the Resource Plan

  • View the replaced generic resource.



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