How do I remove a work item from my timesheet?

The user can manage their timesheets as they can add or remove work items from their timesheet. Any work item that is indicated as a timesheet item by the project manager can be added to a users timesheet. If  user adds non-work items to their timesheet, the non-work items do not roll over to next timesheet period but the work items do, even if they are marked as 100% complete. The work item will be displayed in future timesheet periods until the user removes it from their own timesheet. The Remove Item button should be used after a user completes a work item from the next timesheet period when there is no longer time to enter for that item. This article covers removing a work item from a timesheet.

1. Select the Item and Click the Remove Item Button

  1. On the My Timesheet tab, select the item to be removed.
  2. Click the Remove Item button located on the ribbon.

2. Click the OK Button

  • Click OK.

3. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save. The work item has been successfully removed from the timesheet.

Note: After a user adds the hours to complete a task and then submits their timesheet, it is best practice for the project manager to un-check the task as a timesheet item in the schedule so this timesheet item can not be added to the timesheet again. The item submitted in the timesheet will still appear in the timesheet until the user removes it.  



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