How do I publish changes made within the Assignment Planner?

The Assignment Planner enables you to see all the work a resource(s) is working on and allows you to make changes and publish the changes made from within the Assignment Planner. This article covers making a change in the Assignment Planner and then publishing the change.

Note: To publish a change made to a task in the Assignment Planner, the user must have Contribute Permissions ,be part of the project team, and have a Full License.

1. View the Assignment Planner

  • View the Assignment Planner.

Note: The green bars on the bottom of the screen show the hours the resource is working on a task within the span of the task duration and indicate that the resource is not over allocated. The red bars show that the resource is working more than the normal eight hours thus reflecting some over-allocation.

2. Move Bar in Gantt Chart

  • One way to alleviate some of the over-alloctaion is to drag the task bars out to the right within the Gantt Chart. Above, the fifth bar has been dragged out a few days. The changes show in the bars at the bottom of the screen as well as in the Start and End fields (note highlighted blue areas).

3. Edit Item

Another way to alleviate some of the over-alloctaion is to use the Edit Item button.

  1. Select the task.
  2. Click Edit Item on the ribbon.  

4. Edit the Fields

  1. Edit the desired fields.
  2. Click Save.

5. Click the Publish Button

  • Click Publish located on the ribbon. Changes made, saved and published in the Assignment Planner will show up in My Work and the Task Center.

Note: A user (team member only) who is not on a particular project team can select a resource name from the Resource Pool, and edit a task in the Assignment Planner (drag out a task bar in the Gantt chart) to change the dates of the task displayed in Assignment Planner. Although this team member is able to drag out the bar and change the dates displayed, no real changes take place. The dates remained the same in the Task Center.  A Project Manager who is not on the project team of the specific task to be edited can move the bars in the Assignment Planner, but again - no real changes take place (values stay the same in Task Center). It isn't until the Project Manager is added to the team of the specific task that any changes made in the Assignment Planner will stick after publishing and displayed in the Task Center. The Assignment Planner pulls from the Task List and Issues List, so what users can do depends on the permissions they have for tasks and lists (issues if they have Contribute Permissions). Any task changes would appear in the Planner and have to be approved or rejected.

6. Click Close

  • Click Close to exit the Assignment Planner.



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