How do I publish a Microsoft Project schedule to the Task Center in EPM Live and then import the task schedule into the Online Project Planner?

Note: The below steps are not considered best practice. The steps involved are not meant to be done continually. Whether changing from Microsoft Project to the Online Project Planner or vice versa, this should only be done only if necessary and it should be a one-time switch.

Imagine that you have initially started your project plan in Microsoft Project, but now want to manage your plan in the Online Project Planner going forward. It is possible to import a SharePoint task list into the Online Project Planner. By publishing a Microsoft Project schedule to EPM Live, it is then possible to import the published task list into the Online Project Planner. It is important to be aware that when importing a SharePoint list into the Online Project Planner, only basic task information imports. The scheduling engines for Microsoft Project and the EPM Live Online Planner are different, and therefore a schedule copied/imported from one into the other will cause schedule data to change/shift. For example, advanced details such as the predecessors and lag/lead time show different values after they import, thus, cleanup of the imported list into the project schedule will be required.

This article covers publishing an existing Microsoft Project schedule to the Task Center in EPM Live and then importing the task schedule into the Online Project Planner.

1. Copy the Site URL

  • Copy the site url from the address bar.

2. Open the Existing Microsoft Project Schedule

  1. Open an existing Microsoft Project Schedule.
  2. Click the Publisher tab.

3. Select the Settings Option

  • Click the Project Options drop down and click the Settings option.

4. Paste the Site URL

  • Paste the site url in the URL box.
  • Click OK.

5. Publish

  • Make any desired changes and or additions (update start date, add tasks, etc) and then click Publish.

6. Select the Project Information Options

  1. Select the project information options (State and Update Method).
  2. Click OK.

7. Map the Resource Names

Map the resource names.

  1. Click the name on the right.
  2. Click the associated Sharepoint account name on the left.
  3. Click the Match button in the middle.
  4. When ready, click OK.

8. Select the Desired Email Option

  • Select the desired email option.

9. Navigate to the Task Center

  • Click the Tasks link on the Navigation Menu.

10. View the Task List

  • View the task list associated to the project called Upload MSP Schedule Example to Online Project Planner.

11. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

11.1. Remove Workflow

  • If the Default Planner was checked previously, click the Workflows button on the ribbon.

11.2. Remove the Default Planner

  • Click the Remove Default Planner link.

12. Launch the Online Project Planner

  1. Check the box to the left of the project name in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Plan on the ribbon.

13. Click the Project Planner

  • Click the Project Planner box.

14. Click the Save Button

  • Click the Save button. This will enabled the Import option.

15. Click the SharePoint List Option

Click the SharePoint List Option
  • Click the Import box and select the SharePoint List option.

16. Select the Task Center Option

  1. Click in the Select List field and select the Task Center option.
  2. Click Next.

17. View the Fields

  1. View the listed fields.
  2. Be sure to check the "Process list items linked to this planner item only." This will ensure that you will import only the items for this project look up.
  3. Click Import Now.

Note:  The "Process list items linked to this planner only" check box indicates that only items from this project look up will be pulled into the Online Project Planner.

18. Click Close

  • Click Close when the importing process has completed.

19. View the Imported Tasks

  1. View the imported tasks.
  2. Make changes (e.g. update project start date) and or additions (e.g. new tasks and links).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Publish when ready.

20. View Gantt

  1. Click the Views tab.
  2. Click the Show Gantt option.
  3. Save and publish.

21. View the Task Center

  • View the Task Center with the published list of imported tasks.


Note: An alternative method is if the schedule was created in or imported into EPM Live using  Microsoft Project, is to open up the schedule using the Project Planner and importing the SharePoint list as mentioned above. The steps would be:

  1. From the Projects List, select your MSP project item.
  2. Click Edit  Plan. Be sure not to check the default planner box.
  3. Select MSP as the scheduling tool.
  4. Once the schedule opens, publish.
  5. Verify the tasks have published in the Task Center in EPM Live.
  6. Navigate to the Projects List again and select the project item name.
  7. Click Edit Plan again. This time, check the default planner box and select Project Planner.
  8. Once the Project Planner opens, click the Save button.
  9. Next, click the Import button and select the SharePoint List option.
  10. Select Task Name from the list of options to match (map) and click Import. Wait for completion.
  11. Save and publish.

From this point forward – only use the Project Planner to edit this schedule. Another best practice is to go to Site Contents, select the Project Schedules folder, select the MSP folder, select the MSP schedule just used, and delete it.




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