How do I print a view in the Project Center?

End users may modify views for temporary (printable) reporting purposes. This article covers printing a view in the Project Center.

1. Select the Desired View  

  • Click in the View Box and select the desired view from the menu options.

2. View the Selected View

  1. View the selected view.
  2. Click the Select Columns button.

3. Add Additional Columns

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the desired additional columns.
  2. Click Apply.

4. View the Modified View

  • View the modified temporary view.

Note: It is possible to double click in many of the columns to edit information.

5. Print the View

  1. Click the List tab.
  2. Click the Print option,

6. Select Print Options

  1. Check or un-check the columns to be included in the printed version.
  2. Select from the additional desired options (Paper size, Page Orientation, etc).
  3. Click OK.

7. Preview the View

  1. Preview the view.
  2. Click File.

8. Click Print

  • Click Print.

9. View the Printed Version

  • View the printed version.

Note: The modified view is temporary. When an end user modifies a view and then navigates away from the list, the view will return to the default view.



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