How do I navigate in the Project Center?

The Project Center is a centralized view where all projects within your EPM Live Site are displayed. Within the Project Center there are a number of different views available, each one used to display specific data on a collection of projects. The Project Center is where projects are viewed, new projects are added, associated items can be accessed, and multiple tools are available.

1. Click the Projects Link

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

1.1. View the Project Center

  • It is in the Project Center, that the user currently logged in, can view all the projects that they have either created or have been made a member of the project team. View the list of projects. Throughout EPM Live there are different color indicator flags known as Key Performance Indicators.  These indicators represent the status of the various schedules, work, issues, and budget.  For example; in the Project Center, the Budget Status indicators represent how the budget is doing on a given project. If a budget indicator is red, that represents that the current budget for that project is off track. A yellow exclamation point indicates the budget is at Risk. If the indicator is green, this means the sum of the actuals is less than or equal Cost Project Budget. The indicator thresholds are the default settings in EPM Live, but can be configured to your business needs.

1.2. View the Key Performance Indicators

EPM Live Color Indicator Flags (aka KPIs) give a visual summary of the status for various items. The Project Center KPIs represent the rolled up statuses of the various state, schedules, work, issues,  and budget. The indicator thresholds above are the default settings in EPM Live. These settings can be configured to reflect your business needs. Additional KPIs include:

State Indicator:

  • Proposed projects reflect a faded green circle
  • Active projects reflect a dark green circle
  • Closed projects reflect a purple/blue circle


  • When Sum of Actuals is less than or equal to the Cost of the Project a green circle with white check is displayed
  • 10% or less over budget displays a yellow exclamation
  • 20% or moreover budget displays a red X

Schedule Status

  • When the schedule is 100% complete then a a green check mark will be displayed
  • When 10% or less is overdue, than a yellow exclamation triangle is displayed
  • When 20% or more is overdue, than a red X will be displayed

Work Status (Work Health)

  • Option 1 "On Track" displays a green circle
  • Option 2  "At Risk" displays a yellow triangle
  • Option 3 "Off Track" displays a red X


  • No overdue or active issues displays a green circle with a white check
  • One or more active issues displays a yellow triangle

One or more overdue issues displays a red X

2. View the Items Tab Ribbon

  • View the tools available on the ribbon while on the Items tab in the Project Center.

Note: The ribbon behavior is set by the site collection administrator, thus, the ribbon may or may not be visible in your site.

3. View the List Tab Ribbon

  • View the tools available on the ribbon while on the List tab in the Project Center.

4. Access the Project View Form (Control Page)

  1. From the Project Center, click the  ellipsis menu (three dots) to the right of the project you would like to access.
  2. Click View Item on the ribbon.

5. View the Project Control Page

  • View the View Form (a.k.a.Project Control Page).

Note: The View Form in your site may appear differently, depending on the site configuration.



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