How do I Map Resources in Project Publisher?

This article explains how to view & manage resource mapping between the project plan resources and the project team resources in EPM Live. The Resource Mapping window will appear during the publish process, and can also be accessed manually by opening Resource Mapping from the Project Options menu.

1.  Open the Publisher Menu

2.  Select Project Options

3.  Select Resource Mapping

3.1  Map Resources

To map resources, you must have resources assigned to tasks or you have resources in the Resource Sheet in your project plan. You must also have resources on your project team. For organizations NOT using the Build Team functionality, all resources in the EPM Live Resource Pool will show instead of the project team.

Note: You may use named resources and generic resources.

1.  Select the name of the resource in both left and right columns.

2.  Click Map>>. The name of the resource on the right (project plan) will update to be the full name as shown on the EPM Live team and will include the email address.

3.  The name of the resource on the right (project plan) will update to be the full name as shown on the EPM Live team and will include the email address.

4.  Map a project team member to a generic place holder. For example, if you entered Developer as a generic placeholder in your project plan for all the development tasks, and upon mapping, you want to assign Jude to all the development tasks, map Jude with Developer.

3.2  Un-map Resources

To un-map any mapped resources, select the two (one from each column you’d like to un-map. Then, click <<Unmap.

3.3  Add>>

In the scenario that you have already added resources to your project team, but you haven’t yet assigned any resources to tasks, or you haven’t populated your Resource Sheet, you can add the project team resources to your project plan. These resources have not yet been added to your Microsoft Project schedule. Project Publisher will import your EPM Live project team resources to your project plan for you.

1.  The Resource Map window shows the project team from EPM Live (“SharePoint Resources”).

2.  Select the resources on the left side.

3.  Click Add>> to import the resources into your project plan.

4.  The added resources now show on the right side under “Microsoft Project Resources.” The resource will also be mapped (shown by the green checkmarks on both sides).

5.  Do this for all applicable resources that you want on your Resource Sheet in your project plan, for assigning tasks.

Resources added to project plan Resource Sheet.

3.4  Add Resources

You may be at the point of mapping resources, but realize you haven’t added all the necessary resources to your project team yet. All resources in your project plan will show under the column “Microsoft Project Resources.”

1.  Click Add Resources. The Build Team window for your project will open in your EPM Live site.

2.  Add new resources to your project team as needed. Save and close the Build Team window.

3.  Return to your Project Publisher Resource Map window. Click Refresh.

4.  The updated project team will refresh on the left side under the column “SharePoint Resources.”

3.5  Do not show resource map again

If you have completed your resource mapping, and no longer want to be prompted to map resources when you publish your plan going forward, select the check box for Do not show resource map again.

Should you want to re-enable the Resource Map window to appear when you next publish, go to the Project Options menu. Under Publish Options, deselect the check box for Hide resource map on publish.






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