How do I import an existing Microsoft Project schedule into EPM Live?

This lesson covers importing an existing Microsoft Project schedule into EPM Live.  

1. Create a New Project Item

  • In the Project Center, click the Create New Item link below the Items tab.

2. Enter a Title

  • Enter the project name in the Project Name required field.

3. Complete any Additional Desired Fields

Complete any additional fields.

  • Note:  Depending on what feature apps are installed, some fields may or may not be present.

4. Select the Project Update Method

  • Select the Project Update method.

Note:  The "Manual" option allows managers to manually enter project information. The "Schedule Driven" option will update project fields from the Online Planner or Microsoft Project schedule. If you select "Schedule Driven" and have not published a schedule yet, current project field values will be overwritten.

5. Click Save

  • Click Save.

6. Click Edit Plan

  • Click the Edit Plan button. Edit Plan can be accessed from the Project Center or the Project View Form (above).

7. Click the Microsoft Project Box

  • Click the Microsoft Project box.

8. Click the Import Project Option

  • Click the Import Project option.

9. Click Browse

  • Click Browse.

10. Select the File

  • Select the existing Microsoft Project file.

11. Click Open

  • Click Open.

12. Click Upload

  • Click Upload.

12.1. Enter Your Credentials

  1. If prompted, enter credentials.
  2. Click the Sign In button.
  3. Check the "Sign me in automatically" box.

13. View the Uploaded File

  • View the uploaded schedule. If your schedule reflects a Project Summary task, it is best to update the title (reflected in the URL) at this time.

Note:  This template will now reside in the Project Schedules Library.

IMPORTANT: If you have mistakenly uploaded the wrong Microsoft Project Schedule, do the following:

  • From the Gear button, select Site Contents.
  • Next select the Project Schedules thumbnail (link).
  • Click the MS Project Folder.
  • Select your file (schedule).
  • Tap the delete button on the ribbon.

14. Click the Publisher Tab

  1. Make any additional changes and/or additions to the project schedule.
  2. Click the Publisher tab.

Note: The Project Publisher is an EPM Live Add-In for Microsoft Project. For more information regarding EPM Live’s Project Publisher, please contact your Site Collection Administrator or your EPM Live Account Manager.

15. Click Publish

  • Click Publish on the ribbon.

16. Click OK

  1. View the Project Information dialog box.
  2. Click OK.

17. Map the Resources

To map the resources:

  1. Select the resource name on left.
  2. Select the matching resource name on right.
  3. Click the Map button in middle. Repeat until all resource names are mapped.
  4. Click OK.

18. Select the Desired Response

  • Select the desired response.

19. Exit Microsoft Project

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Exit.

20. Navigate to the Task Center

  • Click the Tasks link on the Navigation Menu in EPM Live.

21. View the Expanded Task List

  • View the expanded task list uploaded from an existing Microsoft Project file.



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