How do I import a SharePoint Issues list into the Project Planner?

It is possible to import an Excel, Csv/Tsv, or SharePoint list into the Project Planner. This lesson covers importing a SharePoint Issues list into the Project Planner.

1. View the Issues List

  • View the Issues list. At some point these issues may become large enough that they need to become part of the task schedule. This can be accomplished by imported this list into the Project Planner.

2. Launch the Project Planner

  1. Check the box to the left of the project name in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Plan on the ribbon.

3. Click the Project Planner

  • Click the Project Planner box.

4. Click the Save Button

  • Click the Save button. This will enabled the Import option.

5. Click the SharePoint List Option

  • Click the Import box and select the SharePoint List option.

6. Select the Issues List

  1. Click in the Select List field.
  2. Select Issues from the options.

7. Click Next

  • Click Next.

8. View the Fields

  1. View the listed fields.
  2. Map desired fields.
  3. Click Import Now.

Note: The "Process list items linked to this planner only" check box indicates that only items from this list will be pulled into the Task Schedule.

9. Click Close

  • Click Close when the importing process has completed.

10. Click Close

  • Click Close when importing is complete.

11. View the Imported Issues List

  1. View the imported Issues list.
  2. Make changes (e.g. update project start date) and or additions (e.g. new tasks and links).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Publish when ready.

12. View the Task Center

  • View the Task Center with the published list of imported issues - now reflected as tasks.

Note: The imported list items are still visible in the Issues List.

13. View My Work

  • View the list of items assigned in My Work.

Note: The Issues from the Issues list are visible as well as the items that were published from the Task Center. Best practice would be to add a comment to the converted issue (now task) and close the issue.



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