How do I import a list from Excel (Csv/Tsv & SharePoint lists) into the Project Planner?

Use the Import feature to import Excel, Csv, Tsv, and SharePoint lists into the Project Planner. This lesson covers importing an Excel list into the Project Planner.

1. Click Edit Plan

  • Select the project name and click Edit Plan to launch the Project Planner.

2. Select the Project Planner

  • Click the Project Planner option.

3. Click the Save Button

  • Click the Save button. This will activate the Import button.

4. Click the Import Button

  1. Click the Import box.
  2. Select the Excel option.

5. Click Browse

  • Click Browse to locate your Excel file.

6. Select the File

  1. Select your file.
  2. Click Open.

7. Click Upload File

  • Click Upload File.

8. Click Next

  • Select the Sheet number and then click Next.

9. Click Import Now

  1. Match the Excel Field Names with the Planner Field names.
  2. Click Import Now.

10. Click Close

  • Wait for the importing process to complete. Click Close when complete.

11. View Imported Excel List

  • View the imported Excel list.

12. Click Save

  • Click Save.



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