How do I filter by priority in the Kanban Planner?

It is possible to select to filter by Project, Assigned To, Owner Status, Priority, or Related Issues in the Issues KanBan. This article covers filtering by Priority in the Issues KanBan.

1. View the Selected KanBan Filter Column Setting (Priority)

  • View the selected filter column. This is set up by the site collection administrator.

2. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

3. Click Edit Plan

  1. Select the project name.
  2. Click the Edit Plan option on the ellpsis menu.

4. Select the Issues Status KanBan

  • Click the Issues Status KanBan option.

5. View the Issues Listed

  • View the seven issues listed.

6. Click the Priority Filter Button

  1. Click the Priority button.
  2. Check or un-check the desired options. For this example,  to only see the high priority issues displayed, un-check the Normal and Low boxes.
  3. Click Apply.

7. View the High Priority Issues

  • View the three high priority issues.

7.1. Alternative Way to Filter

  • Switch to the Issues Priority Board.

7.2. Click the Priority Button

  1. Click the Priority Filter button.
  2. Check the desired priority box(es).
  3. Click Apply.

7.3. View the Filtered Results

  • View the filtered results.



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