How do I filter a list?

Filters may be applied to any list. The filter tool on the View Toolbar allows for filtering on different types of data. Some examples include filtering by State in the Projects List for Proposed, Active, or Closed projects or another example is the filter for only high priority issues in the Issues List.  This article covers using the filter tool on the View Toolbar in the Issues Center. The filter in this example is based on the Issues Priority field.

1. View the Issues List

  • View the issues and the Priority column.

2. Click the Filters Button

  • Click the Filters button on the View Toolbar.

3. Click the Priority Arrow

  • Click the Priority arrow.

4. Select the Desired Priority Option (High)

  • Select the desired Priority option (High).

5. View the Filtered High Priority Items

  • View the filtered high priority issues.

Note: The filter applied is temporary. Once a user navigates away from the list, the view will return to the default non-filtered view.




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