How do I enter detailed tasks in the Project Planner?

This lesson covers entering multiple detailed tasks in the Project Planner. Detailed tasks are the tasks (work packages) that appear under summary tasks. Durations and resources are assigned to detailed tasks.

1. Click Task

  1. Click the row in the Project Planner where the new detailed task should be created.
  2. Click Task on the Tasks tab (Ribbon menu).

2. Enter the Task Name

  • Enter a name (e.g. Determine Project Timeline) for the newdetailed task.

3. Repeat the Steps to Add Additional Tasks

  1. Click Task on Tasks tab (Ribbon menu).
  2. Enter names for the newtask.

4. Click in the New Task Bar to Add a Task

  • Enter the name of the new task in the New Task Bar. It is possible to quickly enter tasks using the New Item Bar located at the bottom of the grid, above the horizontal scroll bar.

5. Click Save

  • Click Save.



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