How do I edit a resource's team permissions?

This article covers editing a resource's permissions. Use the Edit Team option located on the ellipsis menu to change the permission levels of the resources on your team.

1. Click Edit Team

  1. Click the ellipsis dots to the right of the project name in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Team.

2. Click in the Permissions Column

  • Click in the Permissions column.

3. Select the Permission Level

  1. Select the permission level.
  2. Click OK.

Note: If the project has an associated Resource Plan, the resource names will appear in the Build Team, however, the permissions column will need to be updated as no permission will be assigned to the Resource Plan members.

4. Click Save & Close

  • Click Save & Close.

Note: The permission levels are as follows:

  • Owners: All Rights
  • Members: Contributing Rights
  • Visitors: Read-Only Rights



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