How do I delete a workspace?

Once you have created a workspace, you are the owner of the workspace. As an owner of a workspace, you are also a Power User. The Power User is the Administrator of his/her workspace and thus has the ability to configure the workspace site as well as delete the workspace site. This article covers how to delete a workspace.

1. Navigate to the Workspace

  1. Click the workspace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the desired workspace title.

2. View the Workspace

  1. View the workspace. Note the title in the Header Bar.
  2. Click the Settings Gear.

3. Click the SharePoint Site Settings Link

  • Click the SharePoint Site Settings link.

4. Click Delete this Site

  • Click the Delete this Site link.

5. View the Warning Message

  1. View the Warning message.
  2. Confirm the location and title.
  3. Click Delete.

6. Click OK

  • Click OK.

7. View Delete Web Confirmation

  1. View the Delete Web confirmation.
  2. Click the Go Back to Site link to return to the top of the site collection.

8. View the Top of the Site Collection

  • View the top of the site collection and that the workspace has been removed from the Navigation Menu.

Note:  Reporting will be updated the next time the Refresh is run which is typically at night.



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