How do I delete a project with Project Publisher?

This article explains how to delete a project using the Project Publisher menu.

Note: Be cautious in using this feature, as this feature deletes the entire project from Project Center and deletes all tasks from Task Center.

The following occurs when the Delete Project feature is selected from the Project Publisher Menu:

  • The project is deleted from EPM Live Project Center.
  • The tasks from the project schedule are deleted completely from the EPM Live Task Center.
  • The tasks are NOT deleted in the actual Microsoft Project schedule file (.mpp); nor is the schedule itself deleted.
  • The published synchronization of the project schedule is removed from EPM Live (although the URL is not removed from the Project Settings page automatically).
  • Any associated child items will be deleted, i.e. documents, images, issues, risks, actions, etc. that have a lookup to your project (This step assumes the Site Feature “WorkEngine Project Center Event” is activated)
  • The project will be closed in the PortfolioEngine (backend) database. So, cost plans and resource plans will no longer be available.
  • The .mpp project plan file will NOT be deleted from the Project Schedules Library MS Project folder. You will need to manually delete the project plan file.

1.  Open the Publisher Menu

2.  Select Project Options

3.  Select Delete Project

3.1.  Confirm Delete

Confirm you want to delete your project from your EPM Live site. Click Yes. You will see another message when the deletion is complete.



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