How do I delete a project item?

When you create and save a project item, the project item is not only saved in the Projects Center but also in the PortfolioEngine Database (backend). If your project item has an existing cost plan and a resource plan it is best to indicate the project item as closed or canceled. If however, you have created a project item with fake data for test purposes, you can mark it as closed, canceled, or delete it. If you chose to delete it, you must contact your site collection administrator to have it deleted from the DB Admin page. This article includes instructions for both options a user may choose, based on the scenario and needs. The first is to close the project, but not delete it. The second is to delete the project.

1. Close the Project Item

  1. Click the ellipsis dots of the the project to be closed.
  2. Click the Edit Item option.

1.1. Mark the Project Item as Closed

  • Change the State field to Closed.

1.2. Change the Lifecycle Stage to Close

  • In the Lifecycle Stage field, select the Close option.

1.3. Save

  • Click Save.

2. Delete a Project Item

  1. Click the ellipsis dots of the project to be deleted.
  2. Click Delete Item.

Note: If a portfolio item has been deleted from the List App (ex: Project Center), it will be "closed" on the PortfolioEngine database. Contact your site collection administrator to have it deleted from the DB Admin page.

3. View Deleting Best Practices Suggestions  

  • All project items should have unique names. No two project name fields, should  be the same.
  • If it is necessary to delete a project item, be sure to contact your site collection administrator to completely remove a project item from the database.
  • Once a project has been deleted, there is a chance that orphaned tasks will appear in the Task Center. If this is the case, edit the orphaned tasks and either associate them to a project or delete the tasks.
  • If a project item has been accidentally deleted, request that the site collection administrator restore it from the Recycle Bin and mark the project item as "not closed" (re-open it) in the database.
  • Based on Site Settings, when the WorkEngine Project Center Event is set to Active, all look up items to the project (issues, task, schedules) will be deleted when the project item is deleted.



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