How do I create and save a view in My Work?

It is possible to create, save, rename, and delete a view in My Work. This lesson covers creating and saving a view in MY Work.

Click Select Columns

  1. Click anywhere in the My Work list area to activate the ribbon.
  2. Click the Views tab.
  3. Click Select Columns on the ribbon.

Check and Un-check Boxes

  1. Check the boxes to the right of the columns to be added and un-check those to be removed.
  2. Click OK.

View the Column(s) Added

  • View the column added (% Complete). Note: The Flag column has been removed.

Click Save View

  • Click Save View on the ribbon.

Enter a Title for the View

  1. Enter a title for the new view.
  2. Make the appropriate selections.
  3. Click OK.

View the New View Displayed

  • View the new view is displayed in the Current View box.



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