How do I create and apply a target in the Cost Analyzer V2?

Targets allow the user to compare the existing data to something they are aiming for (e.g. a budget target) within your organization. This lesson covers creating and applying a target in the Cost Analyzer V2.

1. Click Create Target

  • Click Create Target located in the bottom ribbon.

2. Click Append Row

  • Click Append Row located on the ribbon.

3. Select the Cost Categories

  1. Click in the Cost Category grid.
  2. Click the desired cost category to be added to the list.
  3. Continue until all desired categories have been added.

4. View the Cost Category List

  • View the Cost Category list.

5. Enter Desired Values and Save

  1. Enter values to the right of each cost category.
  2. Click Save As.

6. Enter the Title

  1. Enter the title.
  2. Click OK.

7. Click OK

  • Click OK.

8. Click Close

  • Click Close.

9. Apply the Target

  • Click the Total Column button.

10. Select the Target

  1. Select columns to be displayed in bottom grid and click the Add button.
  2. Check the Enable Heatmap box.
  3. Click the "If Totals from the top grid are greater than" field.
  4. Select the desired target.

11. Click OK

  • Click OK.

12. View the FY2013 Target Budget

  • View the FY2013 Target Budget displayed in the Comparison Data group on the ribbon.

Note: This allows you to see how the all the current projects are doing against the targets that was set forth for the fiscal year.



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