How do I create an issue?

Issues are items that need to be addressed immediately or soon as they will likely effect a project dates. Issues can be added in the Issues list or can be quickly added from the Create New Icon on the Icon Bar. This article covers creating an issue from the Create New icon.

1. Select the Issues Link

  1. Click the Create New icon (+) on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Issue link.

Note: Depending on your site configuration, some of the listed links may or may not appear on the Navigation Menu.

2. Enter the New Issue Details

  • Complete all required fields indicated with an asterisk.

3. Add Additional Information

  • Add additional information for your new issue.

4. Click the Save Button

  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button. Your Issue has been created and saved.

Note: After creating a new item from the Create New button, you will be directed to the page you were on when you created the new item.

5. Navigate to the Issues List

  1. Click the Navigation button.
  2. Select the Issues link.

6. Expand the Project Title

  • Click the plus sign to the  left of the project name to expand the list.

7. Expand the Category

  • Click the plus sign to the  left of the status category to expand the list.

8. View the Issue

  • View the issue. Click the title of the issue to drill into the details.

9. View the Details

  • View the details.

Note:  This issue can be seen in the Associated Issues at the workspace level (if a workspace is created). However, if an issue is created at that workspace level, it will not appear at the top of the site collection. The following steps will show this issue as an associated issue at the item workspace that has been created earlier.

10. Navigate to the Workspace

  1. Click the Workspace button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the title of the workspace.

11. View the Associated Items Group

  1. Click the Navigation Menu and view the Associated Items Group.
  2. Click the Issues link.

12. View the Associated Issue

View the associated issue.

Note: A new issue can be added from this page and once saved, it will appear within the associated issues at the workspace and at the top of the site collection.



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