How do I clear any sorting that has been applied to a list in the Resource Planner?

The Clear Sorting feature, available in the top and bottom of the split screen inside the Resource Planner, makes it possible to sort column in the Resource Planner list in ascending and descending order. This lesson covers sorting a list alphabetically and using the Clear Sorting feature in the Resource Planner.

1. Click the Arrows to the Right of the Column Heading

  • Click the arrows pointing up and down to the right of the column heading (e.g. Item Name) you wish to view alphabetically.

2. View Resource List Alphabetically

  • Notice the resource names are now listed alphabetically. The green down pointing arrow indicates they are listed in descending order (Z-A).

3. Click Clear Sorting

  • Click Clear Sorting in the top or bottom of the split screen to clear the sorting performed.

4. View the Cleared Sorting

After clicking the Clear Sorting, notice the green arrow is pointing up indicating the resource list is now in ascending order.



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