How do I change the status of an item in the KanBan Planner?

The status of an item can be changed via the edit item option or by dragging a dropping an item from one column to another in the KanBan Planner. This article covers updating the status of an issue by using the drag and drop ability in the KanBan Planner.

1. View the Status Columns

  • View the status headings in the horizontal row and the items listed below each status column.

2. Update the Status of an Item

  • Using your mouse (four headed white arrow), drag an item to the right and release your mouse to update the status of the item.

3. Verify the Status

  1. Click the ellipsis dots.
  2. Click View Item.

4. View the Status

  • View the status update made by dragging and dropping the item from one column to another.



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