How do I change my password?

If you are hosted on the EPM Live shared environment, the option to change your password to a password of your choice is available from the User Profile menu. This article covers the steps involved in changing your password.

Note: Depending on your environment and your site permissions your screen may look different.

1. Change Your Password

  • Navigate to the change password screen.

1.1. Enter Your Credentials

  1. Enter your User name with the EPM domain. Example: epm\[username] and Password.
  2. Click OK.

2. Click the User Profile Menu

  1. Click the User Profile Menu to the right of the current user name.
  2. Select Change my password.

2.1. Reset Password

  1. Enter your old password in the Old Password field.
  2. Enter your new password twice in the designated fields.
  3. Click Change Password. A dialog box will appear confirming your new password has been successfully changed.



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