How do I change a shared task to an individual task in the Project Planner?

It is possible to mark one task as an individual task and another task as a shared task in the Project Planner. By default, all tasks entered into the Project Planner are noted as shared tasks. To change the task type to individual, use the Details box. This lesson covers viewing a shared task and an individual task within the Project Planner.

View the Task Schedule in the Project Planner

  1. View the task schedule in the Project Planner.
  2. Note the first detail task has one resource assigned with 16 hours of work.

Click Details

  • Click Details under the Tasks tab within the Properties Group.

Click the Resource Figure in the Details Box

  1. View the selected task.
  2. Click the resource figure in the Details box.

View the Shared Task Type

  • View the Shared Task Type. Notice in the details box the Task Type is Shared and there is one resource listed with 16 hours of work.

Note: A Shared Task Type is one that when multiple resources are assigned to a task, the task can be noted as complete by any of the assigned resources. Only one of the assigned resources needs to note the item as complete. An individual task is one that each resource is individually responsible for the work assigned on the task item.

Click Task 2 - Rev Budget

  • Click the second detail task - Rev Timeline.

View the Details for Task 2

  • View the Details box for Task 2. Note the Task Type is Individual. When assigning additional resources to a task that is an individual task, each resource is responsible for the hours of work assigned to them.

Click the Task Types

  • To select the task type, click in the Task Type field. It is here that a task can be marked as Shared or Individual.

Notice the Work Hours

  • Notice the new work hours in the Work Column.

Note: If one of the resources is removed from the assigned task, the total number of work hours will remain at 34. This can be manually changed by typing over the number in the Work column.

Add a Resource To the Individual Task Type

  1. Check the box to the right of the resource name.
  2. Click OK.

Enter Additional Hours

  • When a task is an Individual task type, any additional resources will assume additional hours. The number of hours can be adjusted by typing over the entered number under the Work column.

Click Save

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Publish.

Click Close

  • Click Close to close the Project Planner.

Note: Tasks noted as Individual Tasks will show up multiple times in the Task Center.



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