How do I assign resources using the Assign Resources dialog box?

This lesson covers assigning tasks to resources using the Assign Resources dialog box in Microsoft Project.

1. Click Assign Resources

  1. To access the Assign Resources Box, click the Resource tab on the ribbon menu.
  2. Click Assign Resources.

2. Assign Resources to Tasks

  1. Select (highlight) the task that you wish to assign a resource.
  2. Select the resource name.
  3. Click the Assign button. Repeat the steps above until all tasks are assigned.

3. Close the Assign Resources Dialog Box

  • When resource assignments are complete, click Close.

4. View the Resource Assignments

  • View the resource assignments. In the Gantt Chart, you will see the assigned resources. If the % of units assigned is greater than or less than 100% then the value will be displayed to the right of the resource's name (e.g. Marianne Uribe [50%]).



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