How do I add or remove columns from a view in the Resource Planner?

Columns can be added and removed from the Resource Planner view in the top and bottom of the split screen. This article covers using the Select Columns feature in the top of the split screen within the Resource Planner to add and remove columns from a view.

1. Click Select Columns  

  • Click Select Columns on the ribbon.

Note:  The Select Columns button is available in the top section and the bottom section of the split screen.

2. Check the Columns to be Added (Uncheck to Remove) to the View

  1. Check the boxes to the right of the columns you would like to add to your view. For this example we have unchecked the Comment column.
  2. Click OK.

The project level metadata can be displayed in the Resource Planner. For example, columns like, the Project Budget, Prioritization Score, Project Type, and ROI, can be added to a view in the title row. This is helpful as you can select to filter specific projects based off selected project details.

When launching the Resource Planner, any projects that are selected in the Project Center are brought into the Resource Planner and displayed. The project state (proposed, active, closed) field is not a valid field to display and filter, however, if you want to view only the "active" projects, then select the active group of projects in the Project Center and then launch the Resource Planner.

3. View the Added/Removed Column(s)

  • Notice the Comment column has now been removed from the view the view above.



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