How do I add and edit wikis?

Wikis provide ways to quickly share information on a site, without requiring advanced tools or expertise. They are often easier for people to update than a formal document. Teams usually write wikis as a collective process. After someone creates a page, another team member might add more content, edit the content, or add supporting links. People can easily add new content or edit existing content. The community of authors helps to ensure the accuracy of the content. Wikis continue to grow as people add and revise information.  This article provides a brief overview of wikis and  how a user can add and edit a wiki page.

1. Click the Wikis Link

  1. Click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Wikis link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Add a Wiki Page

  • Click New Wiki Page link.

2.1. Add the Title

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Click Create.

2.2. Edit the Wiki Page

  1. Add text to the wiki page.
  2. Insert picture to the wiki page. Format as you wish.
  3. Save.

3. View the Wiki Page

  • View the wiki page.

4. Edit the Wiki Page

  1. Click the Page tab.
  2. Click Edit.

5. Insert Link

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Link button.

5.1. Insert Hyperlink

  1. Add title and link.
  2. Click OK.

5.2. Save

  • Click Save.



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