How do I add and edit an event?

The Events page is one central location where you can see and access events. Events are items in a list. With the right permissions, a user can create an events list and add items to the list. Anyone with access to the site could look to this single source to get the latest information. A user can add an event in the Events list to keep track of the events and each one of your team members can access the list and view it as a calendar. This article covers adding, viewing, and editing an event in the Events page in the My Workplace Community.

1. Click the Events Link

  1. Click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Events link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Add an Event

  • Click New Event button.
  • Select the Event option.

2.1. Complete the Fields

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Complete any additional fields.
  3. Select the category.
  4. Click Save.

2.2. View the Event Calendar

  • View the Event Calendar.

Note: The Calendar View is selected by default and the events added are displayed.

3. Edit an Event

  • Click the title of the event.

3.1. Click Edit Item

  • Click Edit Item.

3.2. Edit Details

  1. Edit the details.
  2. Click Save.



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