How do I add a non-work item to my timesheet?

Non-work includes non-working hours and is time not spent on projects. Examples of non-work items include jury duty, vacation time, doctor appointment, bereavement and more. Non-work items can be added to a timesheet using the Add Non-Work button on the ribbon in My Timesheet. Once a user adds and saves a non-work item to their timesheet, this non-work item will not roll into the next timesheet period. This lesson covers adding a non work item to my timesheet.

1. Click Add Non-Work

  • Click Add Non-Work on the ribbon below the My Timesheet tab.

2. Select the Non-Work Items

  1. Check the box(es) to the left of theNon-Workitems to be added to the timesheet.
  2. Click the Add button on the ribbon.

3. Enter the Hours

  • Enter the hours in grid to the right.

Note: The % Complete field is editable on Tasks only.

4. Click Save

  • Click Save on the ribbon.

Note: When advancing to the next timesheet period, the non-work items will not be displayed.



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