How do I add a generic resource to a plan requirement within the Resource Planner?

In the top half of the split screen below, on the left is the project name, the roles, departments, and resource names. To the right, the values indicate the hours committed to the resources for that project are displayed. Imagine that a Tester is needed for this project. A generic resource (Tester) will be added to the project below. This lesson covers adding a generic resource to create a plan requirement within the Resource Planner.

1. Select the Generic Resource

  1. Select the generic resource from the bottom half of the split screen in the Resource Planner.
  2. Select the project name in top half of split screen.

2. Click the Add Button

  1. Select the desired generic resource.
  2. Click the Add button in the middle.

3. Click Save

  1. View the added generic resource in the resource plan.
  2. Click Save.

4. Click the Desired Option

  • Click "Yes" to make the plan rows public.

Note: After making a plan rows public, they will appear in the Resource Analyzer.

5. View the Saved Plan

  • View the saved resource plan.



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