How do I add a comment in My Timesheet?

This article covers adding a comment to a timesheet and viewing the Social Stream.

1. Click Comments

  1. Click the ellipsis menu (...) to the right of the item.
  2. Click Comments.

2. Add a Comment

  1. If desired, add the names of the resources to be included in the comment.
  2. Add your comment.
  3. Click Post.

3. View the Post

  1. View the posted comment.
  2. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Comment box.

4. Navigate Home

  1. Click the Navigation button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Home link.

5. View the Comment in the Social Stream

  • View the comment visible on the Home Page. The Social Stream enables users to collaborate, ask questions and give answers quickly with other team members.



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