How do I access the Project Control Page?

The Project Control Page is where all the project information can be viewed and edited. Additionally, multiple tools can be accessed from the Project Control Page ribbon. These tools include: the Edit Team feature, the Cost Planner, the Resource Planner, and the Associated Items feature.

1. Click View Item

  1. In the Project Center, click the ellipsis dots of the project name to be viewed.
  2. Click View Item.

2. View the Project Control Page

The View Form (Project Control Page) is displayed.  The Fancy Form is broken down into the following groups:

  • Quick Details - Details not included in the Narrative, People, and Associated Items groups. The order of the Quick Details can be configured to your business needs.
  • Narrative Details - Includes fields with multiple lines of text.
  • People - Includes fields with named resources.
  • Associated Items - Included a List of Associated Items and bubbles indicate the number of items in each.
  • Attachments

Note the following tools available on the ribbon. Your site may have some features shown or hidden based on configuration and/or based on your permissions.

  • Edit Item
  • Comments
  • Edit Plan (i.e. Project Planner, Microsoft Project, Agile Planner, KanBan Planner, etc.)
  • Edit Costs
  • Edit Resource Plan
  • Version History
  • Shared With (Item Permissions)
  • Edit Team
  • Create/View Workspace
  • Delete Item
  • Edit Team (Build Team)
  • Favorite
  • Alert Me
  • Workflows
  • Associated Items (i.e. Changes, Issues, Risks, Task Center, etc.)




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