How do I access the New Form, the View Form, and the Edit Form?

Forms appear differently depending on if you are attempting to create, view, or edit and item and depending on what type of forms have been enabled by your site collection administrator. For example, when you create an item you will see the New Form. When you edit an item, the Edit form will be displayed. And when you view the item, the View form will be displayed. EPM Live offers different types of forms: the Standard Forms and the Designer Forms. In some organizations, the Fancy Forms may be used when displaying the View Form. This article covers displaying the New Form, View Form, and Edit Form using the Standard and Designer Forms available in EPM Live.  

1. Navigate to the Issues List

  1. Click the Navigation button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Issues link on the Navigation Menu.

Note:  An alternative way to quickly create an issue is to use the Create New button on the Icon Bar.

2. Click the New Item Button

  • Click the New Item button.

2.1. View the Standard New Item Form

  • View the New Item form. This is known as the Standard New View Form. EPM Live offers an opted in feature called the Designer Form.

2.2. View the Designer New Item Form

  • View the Designer New form in the Projects Center. If the site collection administrator has opted in to use the Designer Form for a list, then the new form displayed will look differently.

3. Click View Item

  1. Click the ellipsis menu of the item to be viewed.
  2. Click the View Item option.

3.1. View the Standard View Form

  • View the Standard View form.

3.2. View the Designer View Form

  • View the Designer View form. Note the tabs displayed and the different look of the form.

4. Click Edit Item

  1. Click the ellipsis menu of the Item to be edited.
  2. Click the Edit Item option.

4.1. View the Standard Edit Form

  • View the Standard Edit form.

4.2. View the Designer Edit Form

  • View the Designer Edit form.



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