How can I view the actual start, actual finish, actual work, and actual duration fields in the Online Project Planner?

After a resource updates a task assignment, it is possible to bring in the updates into the project plan by accepting the updates. The Actual Start and Actual Fish dates are date fields and will populate automatically. The Actual Work and Actual Duration fields are number fields, thus are entered by the Project Manager, based off the updates made by the team members. This article covers viewing and updating the actual start, actual finish, actual work, and actual duration fields in the Online Project Planner.

1. View Saved and Published Project Schedule in Planner

  • View the project schedule.

2. Click Select Columns

  • Click the Select Columns button under the Views tab.

2.1. Check the Boxes

  • Check the boxes to the right of the column to be added to the view (Actual Start, Actual Finish, Actual work, and Actual Duration). Un-check those you wish to exclude. Click OK.

2.2. View the Added / Removed Column(s)

  • View the added columns. Save and publish.

3. Updates Made by Team Member

  • Team member updates percent complete, status, actual start and actual finish date. Saves

4. Project Manager Views Updates

  • Upon launching the Online Project Planner the Project Manager will process the updates by clicking the Process Updates link.

4.1. View Details

The Project Manager can view the details by double clicking the task name.

4.2. View Detailed Information

  • The yellow highlighted cells display the updates made by the team member(s).

4.3. Accept / Reject Changes

  • The Project Manager accepts or rejects the changes made by checking the appropriate box and the Process button.

4.4. View the Accepted Values

  • View the accepted values (Work, Actual Start and Actual Finish).

5. Enter Actual Duration and Actual Work

  • The Actual Duration and Actual Work are number fields, thus the Project Manager will manually add the values based off the team members updates.

Note: Manually enter progress in your project using your organization's methodology (Actual Work and Actual Duration).

6. Save and Publish

  • The Project Manager saves and publishes the new changes.



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