How can I make quick edits in a list?

This article covers how to make quick changes to items in a list view rather than needing to open each item individually.  

By double clicking in a list view, the user can make multiple quick edits. Being able to edit items quickly in a list is useful especially during meetings when the team wants to edit multiple items in a list quickly - for example the Issues List. By double clicking in a list, items can be quickly be updated.  

1.  Navigate to the Issues List

  • Click the Issues link on the Navigation Menu.

2.  Select the Desired View

  • Click in the View Box and select the desired view from the list of options.

3.  Double Click in Desired Column

  1. Double click in the column where the change will be made.
  2. Select the desired update.

Note the edit icon to the left of the item name indicating the user is in edit mode.

4.  Save

  • The change will automatically be saved once the user clicks outside the column where the change was made.

5.  What is the Quick Edit button?

Note: The Quick Edit feature is no longer supported. Instead of the Quick Edit feature, you can double-click to edit a row and make changes in line. Then, when you click away from the row, the row is automatically saved.

The Quick Edit (a.k.a. Data Sheet View) mode may still be enabled on a list, so you may see the option, but it is not recommended to be used.

5.1 Quick Edit Button



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