Where do I verify the cost category roles FTEs?

This article explains how to view the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) for each Cost Category Role. A Cost Category Role is a labor cost category.

1. Navigate to Cost Categories

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Cost Management heading, select Cost Categories.

2. Open FTES

On the table of Cost Categories, all the Cost Category Roles show under the Labor heading. Note: Labor could be renamed to a different name, but the important thing to see is that the roles are showed individually.

  1. Select FTES from the menu bar.

3. Cost Category FTE Values Table

  1. Select the applicable Calendar.

For each Cost Category Role, the FTE factor is shown per calendar period. FTEstands for Full Time Equivalent, as in one Full Time resource. The quantity of hours in each table column correlate to the default Work Hours schedule in conjunction with the default Holiday Schedule. The FTE factor is used in the Resource Planner and Cost Planner tools for calculating the number of hours (and the subsequent cost per hour) for a full time resource (or any part of that full).

Note: To configure the default Work Hours schedule or the default Holiday Schedule, refer to the articles on Work Hours and Holiday Schedules.



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