Where do I configure a new calendar?

When creating a new calendar to use for cost and resource planning portfolio tools (Cost Planner & Analyzer, Resource Planner & Analyzer, Cost Modeler, Optimizer), you will then need to select the calendar to be used in the various tools.  

1. Navigate to Calendars & Periods

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under either the Resource Management or Cost Management heading, select Calendars and Periods.

Note: Regardless whether you navigate to Calendars and Periods from under the Cost Management or Resource Management heading, you are directed to the same Calendars and Periods settings page.

2. Add a New Calendar

To add a new calendar click the Add button.  

3. Configure the Calendar Name and Periods

  1. Enter or update the Calendar Name.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new Period to the end.
  3. Click the Insert button to add a Period above the selected Period.
  4. Click the Delete button to delete the selected Period.
  5. When adding or editing a Calendar Period, type the Name (initially will show as Period#) and update the Start and Finish dates for the Period.
  6. When finished, click Save.

The administrator will need to continually come back to this page to create new calendar periods.

4. Select New Calendar in Applicable Tools & Settings

4.1. Cost Types

Select each applicable cost type.  Click Modify to edit the cost type settings.

For each cost type, select the new calendar.

4.2. Cost Totals

Select each applicable cost type.  Click Modify to edit the cost type total field.

For each cost type, select the new calendar for that cost type's total field.

4.3. Post Options

Select any applicable cost type.  Click Post Options to select the cost type's post calendar.  Post options are applicable to cost types that are not manually entered, such as Resource Plan and Timesheet Actuals cost types.  

  1. Select the cost type, then select the new calendar.
  2. Click the right-facing arrow.
  3. The new calendar will show as selected.

4.4. Manually Post

If needed, you may manually post a cost type.  Select the applicable cost type.

  1. Select the applicable calendar.
  2. Click Post.

4.5. Cost Models

Select each applicable cost model.  Click Modify to edit the cost model settings.

For each cost model, select the new calendar.

4.6. Cost Views

Select each applicable cost view.  Click Modify to edit the cost view settings.

  1. For each cost model, select the new calendar.
  2. If applicable, select the From & To Periods.

4.7. Resource Planner Admin Settings

Navigate to the Resource Planner Admin page.  For the Resource Planning Calendar, select the new calendar.

You may see a warning regarding changing the resource planning calendar.  Click OK to continue.



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