What is the Classic Reports report library?

This article will show you how to use the Report Library. The Report Library is a Document Library that houses the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Reports. Follow these steps to configure the Report Library for the Reporting Solution. The Report Library comes standard with the EPM Live solution. When new reports are created in Report Builder, they are to be saved/stored in the Report Library.

1. Navigate to the Classic Reports Report Library

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting Heading, select Report Library.

2. Report Library Folders

  • Data Sources Folder: The Data Source(s) created for this Site App will show in this folder. For example, the EPMLiveReportDB, which is the Data Source of the EPM Live Reporting Database.
  • epmlive and epmlivetl Folders: Two folders are created by default for the report library: epmlivetl and epmlive. The distinction between the epmlivetl and epmlive folders is that one is for top level (rollup) reports and the other is for non-rollup reports. If your site follows the recommended Single Site Architecture, you may only use the epmlivetl folder. The epmlive folder will not be used, unless you create additional site app instances. In the single site architecture, all new reports should be uploaded into the epmlivetl folder. Alternatively, you may put some reports in the epmlive folder, and point the Report List Web Part to look at that folder instead of the epmlivetl folder.
  • Resource Work vs. Capacity Report: This is the report used for the Resource Tools feature, which can be enabled in the List Apps, also configured with the Work List feature enabled. If you move this folder for this location (root of the Report Library), you would need to note the new location of the report in the General Settings Page.
  1. By default, all the pre-loaded SSRS Reports are stored in the epmlivetl folder. The Reports List Web Part on the Classic Reports page looks to this folder for which reports to show. Select the epmlivetl folder to manage the SSRS Reports.

3. Epmlivetl Folder

All the SSRS Reports are organized into folders for the type of data in the reports. These folders can be modified, such as changing the folder names, adding new folders, etc.

Note: The organization of the folders in this Report Library is reflected in the Report List Web Part on the Classic Reports Page.

4. Classic Reports Page



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