What are the default groups and permission settings?

This article shows the default security group settings in the EPM Live solution. Then, the next few lessons explain how to manage the groups, permissions, and permission levels per your business needs. If you have a site that has been configured or modified, your groups and permission settings may differ from these below.

1. Resource Pool Groups - Site Permissions

EPM Live's default Resource Pool groups & permission levels.

2. Resource Pool - Report Permissions

For the EPM Live Analytics reports, there are two additional groups: Report Writers & Report Viewers. Each EPM Live Analytics report has report-level security for who can view and/or edit the reports based on these two groups and which resources are in each group.

3. Resource Pool Groups - PortfolioEngine Permissions

EPM Live's default permission levels for the PortfolioEngine Permissions.

When a user is added to a group in the Resource Pool, they are automatically added to the corresponding group in the PortfolioEngine Permissions Settings Page. The PortfolioEngine Permissions pertain to the Portfolio Tools: Resource Planner, Resource Analyzer, Cost Planner, Cost Analyzer, and Cost Modeler.

4. Build Team Groups - Item Permissions

When the Build/Enable Team feature is enabled, the item owners/managers can manage which users are added to the various groups by using the Build/Edit Team feature button/option for their items. These are the default group permissions for the three created groups.



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