What are Designer Forms?

This article gives an overview of the Designer Forms feature in EPM Live.  The Designer Forms can be used on any List App as an alternative to the Standard Forms, which are SharePoint forms.  First, the feature needs to be activated in your site.  Then, a designer form can be created on any List App, and there can be a different version for the New Item, View (Display) Item, and Edit Item forms.

Note: An administrator may configure the Designer Forms on Enterprise (Top Level ) List Apps.  A Power User may use the Designer Forms on a List App in a workspace that he/she has owner permissions.

Note: Silverlight must be installed in order to configure the Designer Forms.  Silverlight is NOT needed for users to view/launch the forms.  

1. Navigate to SharePoint Site Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Settings heading, select SharePoint Site Settings.

2. Open Site Collection Features

Click the link to open Site Collection Features.  Only a Site Collection Administrator (SCA) can do this.

3. Activate the Forms Designer Feature

Click the button to activate or deactivate the Forms Designer feature.  When active, the Designer Forms can be used throughout the site collection.  When deactivated, all List Apps will use the Standard List Forms.  

4. List Ribbon when Forms Designer Feature is Active

When the feature is active, the List Ribbon will have a button called "Design Forms."

5. Example of Designer Form

The Designer Forms allow for organizing the forms into logical & easily visual sections and tabs.



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