What are Communities?

This article gives a brief overview of the EPM Live Communities.  

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. What is a Community?

An EPM Live Community is a way of organizing your Site and your business by various classifications.  A Community is a separate dashboard homepage (.aspx page), which is organized by a collection of apps (one or more bundled apps and/or single apps) that shares common values.  A new community can be created from within the Manage Communities page or during the time when installing an App.

Each Community is unique with its own Navigation (Quick Launch) & Dashboard Homepage.  Sample communities might include:

  • A specific discipline such as PMO, CRM, or PSA
  • A department such as IT, Marketing, or HR
  • Or roles like Project Managers, Resource Managers, or Team Members

The default communities included in the standard EPM Live Site Apps may include Projects, Global My Workplace, etc.

Note: The Communities do not have separate system settings or separate lists.  For example, the Project Center List App is the same List App across any/all Communities that add Project Center to the navigation Quick Launch.

2. View the Communities Navigation Menu

  1. Select the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.  Then Navigation Menu will show the communities & the navigation links for each community.  The Navigation changes based on whether you are at the top level site or if you are in a workspace.  The Navigation is site/workspace-specific.
  2. Select the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar. The Navigation Menu for My Workplace will show the navigation links for the Global My Workplace community.

3. Additional Notes about Communities

  • Each Community has a distinct Navigation Quick Launch Menu & Dashboard Homepage.
  • When a feature is added to (or configured within) your Site App, that configuration is used throughout the entire Site App, across all Communities.  Ex: Timesheets, Resource Pool.
  • When a List App is added to your Site App, that List App’s configuration & its content is used throughout the entire Site App, whether or not a link to that List App has been added to the navigation for a specific Community.  Content access is managed via Security.
  • If a separate List App is needed for a separate Community’s use and with different configuration, add/create a different List App for the other Community’s use.  Ex: Issues (Project Issues), Application Issues.



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