Timesheet Data Process Overview

This article explains how data is handled between the databases for the purpose of viewing the Timesheet Hours, calculating Timesheet Actuals cost values, and running the Timesheet Analyzer Report.

1. 1st - Approved Timesheet Hours Save to EPM Live (Timesheet) Database

User submits his/her Timesheet in EPM Live Site App. The APPROVED Timesheet Hours save to the EPM Live Database (Timesheet Database). Either the Timesheet Manager needs to approve, or the timesheet is auto-approved, based on whether approvals are enabled or disabled.

2. 2nd - PortfolioEngine Database Pulls Timesheet Hours from EPM Live (Timesheet) Database

The Timesheet Cost Timer is a service on the PortfolioEngine Database that pulls the Timesheet Hours from the EPM Live (Timesheet) Database into the PortfolioEngine Database. The Timesheet Hours will show in the Resource Analyzer and Cost Planner when the Timesheet Cost Timer is complete.

3. 3rd - Post Cost Values Posts Timesheet Hours into Cost Values

The Post Cost Values job posts the Timesheet Hours to Costs in the Timesheet Actuals Cost Type. After the Timesheet Actuals are posted, the hours and the calculated costs (based on the resource/role rate) will show in the Cost Planner and Cost Analyzer.

4. 4th - Reporting Refresh All: Data Refreshes in the Reporting (EPM Live Content) Database

When the "Refresh All" (aka Reporting Cleanup Timer Job) runs, all data in the Reporting (aka EPM Live Content) Database is refreshed from both the EPM Live (Timesheet) and PortfolioEngine Databases. Timesheet Hours data goes into the TSData Table. Portfolio Cost Data goes into one of the EPG Tables.

The Refresh All should be scheduled to run once daily., but can also be run anytime on-demand. This is done on the Reporting Settings page.

5. 5th - Run Reports (ex: Timesheet Analyzer, Timesheet Actuals Cost and Resource Reports)

Once the data in the Reporting Database is updated, the data in the EPM Live reports will have the most current Timesheet data.



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