Reporting Settings Overview

This lesson will explain the available options while working with your mapped List Apps.

1. Navigate to Reporting Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting heading, select Reporting Settings.

2. Reporting Settings Overview

Note: The header bar menu includes options for overall management of the Reporting Settings, whereas the List App-specific options are available in a contextual menu by clicking the List App name itself.

Actions Options:

  • Add List: Add a new List App Mapping to the Reporting Database.
  • Snapshot All: Perform an instant and manual snapshot of all List Apps.
  • Cleanup All: Clear all tables and copy current data from all mapped List Apps.

Settings Options:

  • Snapshot Management: View and configure snapshot data sets. Set-up periodic snapshots.
  • Refresh Schedule: Schedule the time for the Reporting Refresh to run.

List App Contextual Menu Options:

  • Clean Up: Clear all mapped tables and refresh with current List App data.
  • Snapshot: Take an instant snapshot of the current List App data.
  • Event Audit: Check that all List Apps in the site collection have appropriate event handlers configured.
  • Status Log: Show all log entries for this List App mapping.
  • Edit: Modify this List App mapping, such as which fields are mapped, and whether or not the List App is a 'resource list.'
  • Delete: Remove this List App mapping and delete data from the Reporting Database.



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