Planner Settings - Managing Planner Templates

This article shows how to manage the Planner templates in the Planner Templates Document Library. You would access and manage this Document Library just like any other in EPM Live, such as security, editing, uploading, etc.

1. Navigate to Planner Templates

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Planner Settings heading, select Planner Templates. This opens the Planner Templates Document Library.

Note: The Planner Templates Document Library is also available via the Site Content page.

2. Manage the Planner Templates

A separate template folder shows for each type of Planner being used in the EPM Live Site App. The core EPM Live solution includes a folder for MSProject and ProjectPlanner templates when the Site App is initially created, though the folders appear to be empty. Once a template is saved for either the Project Planner or for Microsoft Project, then the newly saved template plus a Blank Plan template will show in that Planner's folder.

For other types of Planner, such as the Project Backlog or the Service Request Planner, there is not a folder for those planners until a planner template file is uploaded or saved.

The Microsoft Project (MSProject) templates are actually .mpp files, not .mpt.

  1. Note: There is a Microsoft Project blank schedule template that is located outside the folders. This is the out-of-box Microsoft Project schedule that is launched from EPM Live if no other Microsoft Project schedule template has been uploaded. Additional uploaded Microsoft Project schedule templates can be uploaded to the library, and the schedule templates would go into the Microsoft Project (MS Project) folder.
  2. To view and manage the templates for a specific Planner type, select the the Planner folder name.

3. View & Manage the Planner Templates

Note: The schedule template is NOT to be launched from here for new projects. When a new Project is created and Edit Plan is selected from the Project Center, the user will be prompted for which template to use based on the available templates for that Planner type.

  1. Select the template's Contextual menu.
  2. Make any applicable selection, such as View Properties, Delete, etc.



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