Introduction - Admin Guide Document Overview

This guide is relevant for EPM Live 2013, which includes versions 5.x.  This guide is applicable to the SharePoint 2013 platform.  When reading this Admin Guide, be aware of applicable Version Notes that clarify if a specific feature, option, or setting was/wasn't available prior to a specific version of the solution.

This document assumes the reader will be working with and configuring EPM Live. Although pre-configured Site Apps templates are provided with the EPM Live solution, it may necessary for both Onsite/On-Premise (client hosted) & Online (EPM Live hosted) customers to modify the solution settings and their components to meet business needs. This document will walk through the various configuration options.

This document assumes and recommends the reader has some experience with the configuration of SharePoint Foundation 2013 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Although the content in this document is intended to provide the reader with EPM Live configuration knowledge, some basic SharePoint configuration instructions may not be covered in this document.

1. Admin Guide Organization

Admin Guide Organization

This administration guide is organized in alignment with the order and organization of the Settings Gear Menu.  The Settings Gear menu is where you'll find link to the various administrative settings and options for EPM Live, which are in alphabetical order. Note that the headings can be expanded for the links to those settings pages, which are also in alphabetical order.



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