How does the Lookup Settings feature work?

This article shows you the advanced lookup settings in EPM Live.  For fields that are type "lookup", the Advanced Lookup settings can be enabled or disabled.

Note: The instructions in this article are applicable to Administrators in the Top Level Site as well as to Power Users who have Owner permissions on a workspace.

1. Using the Advanced Lookup in a People Picker Field

Use the Type Ahead feature.

  1. Begin typing the beginning of any name entered into the system into one of the People Picker fields. All relevant options will show in the drop down list as soon as you type 3 or more letters.
  2. To select from the list of names revealed in the drop down list, use your down facing arrow, then hit the Enter key or select the name using your mouse.

1.1. Name Validated

Valid selection shows.  Click the x to remove a name, if needed.

2. Using the Advanced Lookup in a Non-People Picker Lookup Field

The non-people picker lookup field has the Green Add Item (+) icon.

Select the Green Add Item (+) icon to create a new item in the target List App to which the field is associated.  For example, the Portfolio lookup field in the screen shot above.  By selecting the Green Add Item (+) icon, the New Portfolio Form opens up.  Enter all the details for the new Portfolio Item.  Complete the new item form.  When finished, click Save.  

After the new item has been added to the target list, that item can be selected using one of the advanced lookup options.

  • Select the drop down menu for all available choices
  • Type ahead
  • Address book search



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